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"Our mission is to help the people who can't help themselves"

So please join us to participate in this humanitarian mission by providing and requesting services through needaservicenow (NASN).

The Internet has without a doubt changed our lives, from our shopping habits to the way we communicate with each other. Because of these ever-changing trends, we at NASN believe there is a more convenient way to offer and request services, and have tried to bring together a host of services under a single giant umbrella, making a one-stop shop for all your service needs. Introducing: Need A Service Now.

Here, you can find any service you’re looking for. Roofing, Plumbing, Gardening, to name a small few.  The concept is to provide users with quality service that is both immediate and convenient. And that means convenient for both parties - SERVICE PROVIDERS, offering their services at competitive rates in an overpopulated client market, and SERVICE SEEKERS, with responses just a click away at the rate and quality they’re looking for.

NEED A SERVICE NOW has eliminated the need for marketing overheads, enabling service providers to provide the same services at lower-than-market rates. The same benefit is thus enjoyed by service seekers, making everyone happy.

We have taken on the mission of helping those who are too busy or don’t know where to turn when it comes to service providers. No more endless calls to companies, waiting on a response that can take up to days. When your fridge is broken and you have a family to feed, you don’t have days to spare!

Use, and save precious time to spend with your loved ones. Leave the hassle of locating the service provider and having what you need done, to us.

Try us today! We are positive you’ll soon be referring us to friends and family.

Stay blessed!

Ali Amini, Founder of



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